How to Get Free Robux on Robux Reward Website?

Last updated December 25, 2019  

Free Robux is very important if you are a Roblox players. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy robux. If you have this free robux in your account, you can buy anything you want on the store. You can customize your avatar and even play premium games such as Bloxburg.

In this article, I will teach you the step by step guide on how you can earn and get your first free robux. I encourage you to follow all the steps for you to succeed.

Please read this tutorial carefully as it will help you make robux every single day.   



You need to register or sign in to be able to start your journey on this website.


Share your referral link into FB, IG or twitter.


Earn more robux using our Task wall by simply completing simple tasks.


Withdraw your R$ earnings instantly through Roblox gift card or directly adding robux to your roblox account..

Now let's proceed to detailed instruction. 

STEP 1: REGISTER. You need to register to Robux Reward website   

In Short:  Get free R$100 upon sign up.

During registration, you need to enter valid e-mail address. Do not use fake email. You will not get your Free Robux if you use fake or non-existing e-mail.

Note: You can link your Facebook or Google account for quick registration.

2. REFER. Share your referral link to social media.  

In Short:  Earn R$ 10 for every friend who clicks your link and R$ 50 for every friend that signs up.  

Earning from referral is very simple. Just share your referral link to your friends using facebook or twitter. Upon clicking the the share button, you will automatically redirect to facebook or twitter to post your referral link.


The more you share your referral link, the higher R$ earnings you will receive.

  • Quick Tips: Post your referral link to all Roblox Facebook Group.

3. TASK WALL. Complete simple task to earn more robux.  

In Short:  Earn R$ 150 for every task you complete.  

Completing task is very simple. For example, you need to install free Apps to earn R$ 150. If you want more task, use your mobile phone such as android and iOS. Task wall is optimized for mobile devices use your Android or iOS phone.

The more task you complete, the more Robux you will earn.

4. CASHOUT. Get your Free Robux.  

In Short:  Earn Cashout your R$ earnings.  

Cashout is very simple, you must specify your payment method if Roblox username or Roblox gift card. Then go to cashout page to redeem your Free Robux.


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